The WiseDot Approach to Getting Approval

We believe new gTLDs will impact virtually every business, market and brand as well as many community groups and cultures. They will also impact future brands, groups and alliances yet to be formed. Many entrepreneurs and investment groups motivated to create alliances will want to know about gTLDs to take advantage of the huge opportunities which await.

WiseDots also recognizes that some companies and individuals will not want to invest the time, effort and money to create and operate a gTLD on their own. Instead many of our customers will just want the rights and advantages of the gTLD itself and expect to rely on experts to acquire and operate the new gTLD on their behalf.

WiseDots was created for those unfamiliar with the gTLD process and operation to take advantage of the new gTLD landrush by making the approval and operation less complicated and more accessible to our clients. The WiseDot teams' deep understanding the ICANN process and decades of experience will be of tremendous benefit.

The Applicant Guidebook, or TAG as it is called, contains hundreds of questions each requiring careful consideration by the applicant. In order to maximize scoring, assumptions must be developed and research resources needed to be put into place. Our approach ensures consistency of the responses, maximizing scoring while providing a professional presentation and aligning with your stated goals.

A. Key Considerations

B. Application completion strategy

The WiseDot approach focuses on the most key aspects you'll need to understand.

  1. Awareness
    • Awareness of a new market
    • Awareness of new competition
    • Awareness of new playing field
    • Awareness of new innovations that may have potential impact
  2. Education
    • Education on ICANN and its process
    • Education on what has been proposed thus far
    • Education on the application process
    • Education on detailed questions in TAG (The Applicant Guidebook)
    • Education on what is controversial and what is not
    • Education on blocking
  3. Strategic consulting for your proposed gTLD
    • Feasibility
    • Market study to gauge demand
    • Analysis of impact on you from other potential applications
    • Cost analysis for pre-application
    • Cost analysis for application processing
    • Cost analysis for operating post delegation
    • Funding
    • Relationship introductions and contracting with registrars (sales channels), back-end registries, staffing, legal, community influencers, etc..
    • Business plan development
    • Website design
    • Legal structure
  4. Application processing support
    • Workpaper to prepare application in Q&A form
    • Administrative completion of application
    • Research for various assumptions
    • Contract and other arrangement support (e.g., back-end registry)
    • Presentations
    • Monitoring and reporting of status
    • Gaming support (planning for points)
    • Information protection strategy
    • Scenario planning
    • LOCs, deposits, fees or other financial guarantees
Let us take the complication out of the Approval Process.