What is a gTLD?

gTLD is an acronym for generic Top Level Domain. A domain is a web address such as www.google.com or www.whitehouse.gov. The top level of a domain is the last part of the web address, which is the part to the right of the last visible dot. Probably the most well known generic Top Level Domains are .COM, .NET, and .GOV. The process is mostly controlled by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which oversees internet domain naming across the globe.

So what's the big deal; why are they important?

What makes owning a gTLD so potentially valuable is that they are a part of the new real estate of the internet. Over the past decade or so only some have been approved. However, the demand for new gTLDs has skyrocketed over the years as the economic, social, political, entertainment, and cultural value of the Internet has grown.

Just as the Interstate Highway Systems opened up great swaths of the United States for development and just as the Internet itself opened up countless new development opportunities, the advance of new Top Level Domains will open up to even more possible business and organizational models.

A gTLD can be a powerful asset for brand owners, brand creators and entrepreneurs looking for ways to create untold wealth and tap into new markets. The TLD in your domain address can tell the world who you are, what you do and what you offer.

These gTLDs will lead to the creation of millions of websites to promote new businesses, new organizations and individuals. They also hold the potential of creating new groupings of social, political and cultural organizations. Can you imagine a section of Internet real estate that is brand new, untapped to date and about to be opened up for any and all to claim? These will be once in a lifetime opportunities. And it's happening soon.

We at WiseDots are dedicated to helping our customer clients to best take advantage of the new gTLD land rush that is coming soon. Whether it's simply developing a strategy for a new competitive marketplace or actually applying for and operating a gTLD string (or any step in between), we want our customers to be prepared to effectively and efficiently work in the new world.

Clients of Wisedots have considered new gTLDs as opportunities or tools to pursue countless strategies. Here are a few:

How can you get a gTLD?

In short, it's somewhat complicated and requires specialized expertise. The process for creating a new gTLD can be made substantially easier by the WiseDots team.

Get a gTLD

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