TLD Information

* What is a gTLD?

Learn what gTLDs are, what their value is and why they are the next "Land Rush" opportunity.

* How do I get my own gTLD?

Applying for a new gTLD can be a daunting task. Our talented experts can make the entire process both easier and more predictable for you. Learn how WiseDots can help you get yours.

* What about costs?

From funding sources to financial modeling, you have many options to consider. Having WiseDots as a guide is invaluable.

* How do I run a gTLD Registry?

A new gTLD requires a reliable infrastructure and a strong business model. You also must have experienced people and connect with the most effective business partners. Let WiseDots show you how.

* Can we get creative, too?

Is your interest in building a new brand? Or do you want creative ways to maximize your investment? WiseDots offers you the best options.

* Who are those Wise Dots?

Our team of 'Dots' is comprised of talented professionals who have deep experience in technology, marketing, finance, recruiting, compliance, strategy, policy, security, branding, and operations. Our Dots pride themselves on creating innovative 'first' and 'best' of kind solutions to redefine the commercial Internet space for entrepreneurs, new and global brands and communities.