Can We Get Creative Too?

Getting Creative

WiseDots works in partnership with leading digital marketers to build and inspire creative gTLD business opportunities. New gTLDs could catapult businesses into a newer, more dynamic digital universe. This new digital universe will be a boon to marketers, by allowing reshaping the internet user experience while providing a tremendous competitive advantage for Brand owners.

Just as most people could not foresee the incredible influence of social media; the promotion of new businesses, new organizations, new causes, new communities (or old ones in new ways) will astound and inspire us.

The subtle and powerful psychological messages your brand could send are dramatic forces. These are the forces that determine whether someone will trust, be enticed, wonder, engage, and ultimately to buy new products and services.

New gTLDs are powerful marketing tools which increase global visibility. Some Reasons to Consider having your own:

IP rights and Brand protection — The Benefits Far Outweigh the Risks

Cybersquatting, phishing and other forms of rights infringement have always been a problem. But you will have greater control of your Intellectual Property if you can control your own branded zone on the internet... that's a fact. Legal costs could also be reduced by branding through the web instead of the court system. By having total control of your gTLD, there will be much less confusion for consumers and the marketplace as a whole.